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We have over 20 years of experience, applying many techniques to help you address pain, reduce stress , and bring you back to the real you. We invite you to experience the incredible transformation you will have working with us.


Cupping is a powerful, effective, negative pressure(vacuum) massage. The cups are natural rubber or silicone and are used as a deep tissue massage. They are beneficial in drawing out inflammation. They help relieve many conditions including: anxiety, fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and general chronic pain. Acucups bring blood and oxygen to stagnant muscles and skin. They help to activate the lymphatic system which creates a release of toxins and a boost to the immune system. They loosen up knots in the muscles and release rigid soft tissue.

Please increase your water intake by 8-24 ozs prior to and after this massage.

Warning: If you are pregnant, the cups will not be used on your low back or belly. If you have a high fever, an inflamed skin condition, or if you bleed or bruise easily this is not the massage for you! It is important to know that your skin maybe red or bruised for a few days after your cupping session.


Melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism. Hot Stone Therapy is used to promote deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at key points on the body.


Each session is as individual as you.  Using many techniques including deep tissue and blending them to focus on what your body needs during your massage.  Deep tissue is intensive massage designed for those with chronic stiffness, pain, stubborn knots and spasms. By using a variety of deep compressions, your discomfort and tightness will be alleviated.


The Bars is a process for dynamic change that uses 32 points on the head.  Having your bars ran will begin to clear limitations you have about areas of your life. It can feel like a great massage or it can change your life!  Schedule your Bars session today to see how it can change you!

Ultimate Body Rituals


Need a little peace?  You will enjoy some with this package!  It includes a 60 min Deep Integrative Massage with your choice of cups andor hot stones and a back scrub!

Give some peace or get some for yourself!


This package is just pure bliss!

75 min. relaxation massage with hot stones on your back and a hand and foot salt or sugar scrub. If you need some down time or a great gift, this package will do the trick!


This is an excellent package to give someone that you need to express gratitude towards… including yourself!  It includes a 90 min. relaxation massage, hot stones on the back, and a hand and foot scrub.


It is very important that you drink 24-32ozs of water before this treatment.

This ritual starts off with an awareness of what you want to clear away during your session. First your chakras (energy) will be balanced followed by a full body cupping massage.  Next a Himalayan Salt Scrub will clear away dry/dead skin.  Then a detoxifying mud wrap will pull toxins from your skin.  While you are wrapped up a warm oil scalp and face massage will be given if you desire.  The ritual comes to a close with the mud being removed.  A final chakra balancing to complete your clearing.


No you aren’t in trouble!  But maybe you need both feet back on the ground?  Set your intentions and lets begin!  You will receive a smudging of Palo Santo, chakra balancing, full body hot stone massage, Sea Salt Almond Scrub, hydrating body wrap with warm oil scalp and facial massage if you desire, and chakra balancing.  You should have both feet on the ground when this grounding treatment is over!  


Om is the ultimate of the Ultimate Body Rituals!  It is 4 hours of true down time.  It includes energy balancing, a 2 hour relaxation massage, a full body scrub, full body wrap, scalp massage with a deep conditioning hair treatment, and a basic facial.  There will be time to use the restroom and have a light snack or light meal if you desire.  Drink plenty of water before your ritual and you will need to rinse your hair at home when the session is completed.  Please call Sarah for available times to schedule.

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